Written In Stone cuts words and images into native Montana rock for a wide number of purposes - from architectural to celebratory.  Most of our stones are one-of-a-kind, made to order - use your imagination and we'll write it in stone!
Garden rocks - are anything under the sun: your favorite quote or poetry verse, paw prints, a bird or leaf, or a stone that says "Grandma's garden." Imagination and garden fairies reign here!

A poem path is a poem unfolding in your garden.  Each stepping stone has a line from your favorite poem, which is meditation made easy!

Wedding, anniversary and birth rocks - are wonderful gifts that make a powerful    statement saying "celebrate life!"

An address pillar, boulder or stone at your driveway is distinctive and easy to read.  Add your name, street, ranch brand, trees, music notes or whatever strikes your fancy.

Architectural uses -  include cornerstones, hearth features for fireplaces, carved doors and frames, kitchen and bathroom tiles or just about anything you can think of.  Personal expression and a taste for the unique are the norm here.

A meaningful memorial -  We would be honored to help you create a tribute stone that uniquely expresses the things you love and want to remember to celebrate the life of a loved one.

the little prince

You have no idea how much it meant!"  Laura

'Thank you with all of my heart !'   Alisa     

'Yep, you sure are on the right track. I like the looks of it.
In fact, I like it real well. '    Rod

'Although I wasn’t able to express myself the day you dropped
off the memorial stone, I think it is beautiful.  It’s just what we
wanted.  Thank you very much,    Janene Caywood'

'Thank you so much for the beautiful obelisk. It is magnificent. 
Now won’t the neighbors be jealous!'  Tom & Debbie Schmidt

'The rock turned out better than I even imagined, you are
an awesome artist.  Mum loved it, as well as all
the siblings whom participated..  Jodie'

'Barry,  I love that stone!!!!!
The family and community loved it too. '   Bobby T

'We love the rock . It really turned out good.
Thanks again for everything.'     Gregg Germer

Barry and Janet,
Can't express to you how terrific our "stone" was!
You did a fabulous job and was, how do you say,
wonderfully and surprisingly received. Total talk of the party!
Your work is beautiful and precise.
Again, many thanks-
Diane Martin
(graduation rock)

a haiku

'Layers of love and
memory recorded here
etchings bridge the gap'
-Marti de Alva

'The work you did in creating the
memorial for my mother couldn't have
been more perfect!  So from the bottom
of my heart,  Thank You! '     Marti de Alva

See Marti's mother's memorial at


'What a beautiful stone.  Thanks for being
so easy to work with.   It was inspiring to see
my drawing carved in stone.  I would love
to do more work like this in the future.'
Claire Emory Illustration

'Doesn't it look Great!'     Jamie

'The stone is installed!  And it is sooo beautiful! 
It couldn't look any better, we love it, so much.
It is absolutely perfect.  Thanks for making
our vision come true!'  Autumn Spaulding