we use the abrasive blast carving technique for carving the stone, though
pneumatic chisels, grinders, and polishers are employed when necessary.
An integrated computer system ties the entire process together, including
sharing designs, stone pictures, and ideas with our clients via email. 

You can easily calculate your cost of having a carved rock. 
Our charge is $85/square foot of carved area, (please include a small perimeter, but not the
entire rock).  Add $1.00 per character, plus $20 small/$40 large for graphics for your cost. 
20% of this resulting price is dedicated to design and client consultation. 
If more design time is required, we add $40 for each hour of extra time.

We have a $125 minimum charge for small rocks, and a
$150 minimum charge for rocks requiring a forklift.

We can carve almost any font or design but experience has taught us a few good rules.
Simple is good,  bold is good,  big is good.

The carving price does not include the cost of the rock. You are welcome
to bring your own rock or we have a good selection of stone here
 chosen for quality and suitability for carving.   If you would like to look at the
stone we have here, please pay us a visit, or have us email you photos and/or proofs.

One reason we have 100% satisfied customers is because we send you an approval
picture of the rock of your choice superimposed with your lettering/design.   You are able
to see exactly what your finished stone will look like before it goes into actual production.

We can usually carve any native rock you bring us, though please keep a few things
in mind:   rough is tough.  Run your hand over the surface. The more sharp edges you feel,
or cracks, the more difficult our job and an increased chance of problems.
We do not guarantee any job, or any stone, to be free from defects.
Rock is a (very) natural material and we have no control over what's inside.
That said, we experience few unforeseen problems.

The price does not include delivery to or from our facility, though either can be arranged
if needed.  We can also arrange for setting/installation on your site if you like.

We currently have a 6 ton (12,000#) limit, unless special arrangements are made.
You can roughly calculate the weight of your stone by measuring the cubic feet
(H x L x W) and multiplying times 170 (average #/cu.ft.)

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